More of the Fletcher’s at Work!!!

Fletcher's at Work

The last post of the Fletcher’s at work were quite popular so I thought I would add to it. I have a couple more so stay tuned and I might post them!

This is in the same area where I got that Golden reflection pic further down the posts. Certainly one of the better gorges we were in.

Mike Fletcher has just released another version of the Kimberley trip he did on True North on You Tube at:

~ by True North Mark on August 19, 2009.

8 Responses to “More of the Fletcher’s at Work!!!”

  1. how I would love to be back in the warmth again. What is it 10 days till TN trip 13?? Oh shit unlucky 13, didn’t think about that!! haha. Again great subject matter Mark!!

    • LOL!! I just know I can always get a great review with this subject matter mate!



  2. Thanks for the tip mark I’ll check out the new video, I like the photo too.

  3. No worries Matthew,

    Let me know what you think of the video…Mike has worked his magic once again!!

  4. You’re not wrong there, that would make a great promotion. That’s my sort of cruise, not a week on the Disco Carnival or the SS Disney (what ever). That was really well edited, Mike definitely learning his trade. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with on the Karijini Course, video wise. As J Clarkson might say ‘great lumps of magic’.

  5. Thanks boys for the wrap. I think the locations are the true stars of my humble productions. See you Saturday Mark for #13

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