Could this be Tarzan!!!



~ by True North Mark on August 19, 2009.

14 Responses to “Could this be Tarzan!!!”

  1. More ‘George of the Jungle’!

  2. OMG… No 5D MII in his hands… I thought it was permanently attached! 🙂

  3. hey that guy has the goods, check him swinging on that vine. Good looking rooster hey?
    Don’t tell them I was supposed to be hanging off this thing in mid air but couldn’t hold my own body weight!! Doh, just did!!! Still muscle weighs more than fat.

  4. Nice image Mark … No quite sure about dundee in the trees LOL

    • Thanks mate!

      Yeah, not sure where that ‘George’ fellow came from…one minute he was swingin’ then he was fallin’ just like the real thing!!

  5. Mark I’ve gotta hand it to you – of all the bloggers I think you have been the most active one since you started your’s by a country mile!!! Thanks for your continued efforts to give me and many others a reason to keep coming back.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Ahh Ricardo…my favorite blog watcher and the man who told me that my Louisiades sunrise was up there with one of the best 10 you have ever seen!!

      Welcome back and thanks again for the great comments!!

      I have some exciting stuff coming up for you then! From the 29th of this month I am on True North for 2 weeks with Christian and will be putting up daily posts of what we are up to. Then in October I am on board again 2 5 days out to the Rowley Shoals and will be posting some great underwater stuff. I will be taking my HD underwater vid and will hopefully get some footage of 400 or so schooling Hammerheads as well as everything else the Rowleys has to offer, then again in November I am off to PNG for a week and will be posting off the boat once again…so stay tuned!!

      What part of the planet do you hail from Ricardo?



  6. You have a good memory pal! Wow! Looks like an exciting few months ahead for you, but from what I’ve seen, this is no different to usual for you. Lucky for us we’re able to share in the amazing scenes that you’ve experienced and feel inspired to experience these for ourselves. For that I thank you.

    I’m in Melbourne for the next few months before heading back to Perth. I wish I could say I was from somewhere more captivating mate.

    P.S. Yes I admit I’m guilty of being you’re number one blog watcher… Almost without fail I am on your blog everyday and so far only two comments… I’ll promise to lift my game up but at least I’m contributing to you’re blog hits! When I help you get to a 100,000 hits you’ll have to buy me a beer.

  7. Consider it done!

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