Bears Surf Break near Yallingup

I took this shot after a great surf session at Bears. Probably one of the most beautiful surf locations in the Margaret River region, but unfortunately becoming very popular!!

There are 3 breaks…Papa Bears, Muma Bears and of course Baby Bears!! Sometimes when the planets line up as they should and the swell direction, tide height, wind direction and strength are all perfect it can break from Papas all the way through to Baby’s!!

Papas is breaking left in this photo.


~ by True North Mark on August 19, 2009.

12 Responses to “Bears Surf Break near Yallingup”

  1. it is an amazing location never been there my self looks like im going to have to pay it a visit


  2. i need pics of this, will have to make the trip.

  3. Yes CF we need to do it at the right time of day. The light was still a little harsh here and i rarely get the opportunity to take my gear down there when I am surfing because of theft risk etc.

    On this day I had my son down there so he looked after the gear. We will just pick a time and go and nail it eh!!

  4. You’ve got some nice colours in there, looks like a great spot. Good blur on the surf I have a suspicion that it might help blending a stitch. Gotta get me a filter.

    • Hi Matthew,

      It is a B&H ND filter. I did not stitch that one but used the ND to give the surf the effect I was looking for and to also soften the light as it was still too early in the day to get a soft light shot.

      Certainly worth getting for sure!



  5. maybe i could come down with you and cf one time that would be really good

    take care

  6. Magic spot, one of my favourites but as you say, very popular these days. I have some super fond memories of beating our way in during the early 90’s. Still busy back then but nothing on today.

    • Yep, it is a cracker and I am motivated to get some better shots of it in action, but security is the issue. I daren’t take all my kit down there to have a surf and then take some shots in case of theft, so I might have to sacrifice a surf day to get it properly!!

  7. I’m guessing that it will be even that little bit less ‘secret’ now Mark – enjoy the waves 🙂

    • Everyone knows where Bears is if they are a surfer Tony!!

      That is why it gets so crowded!

      I remember surfing it about 30 years ago when it was not so well known and then it was really good!



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