The Fletcher’s at work!!!

Here is something different for ya all!!

Having been out on many a different adventures with the Fletcher’s I, of course have managed to get a few shots of the boys in action.

So, I thought I might post a few!

Christian and 5D

Mike in the Kimberley

Christian at Bunkers

Christian at KJ

~ by True North Mark on August 18, 2009.

17 Responses to “The Fletcher’s at work!!!”

  1. Flemming will be onto you with those 2 water shots.

  2. Mark, can I say some of your best work yet šŸ™‚ The human element adds so much. I’ll have to do a reciprocal post of MS pics. Was looking at a cool one today of you at Fingal Head. Remember the spot you got soaked by the killer wave?

    • I just new I would get some positive feedback on that post mate!! Not that I don’t often get the same from you!!

      Yes indeed I do recall getting drowned at Fingal Head and was still drying out at Breaky whilst eating poached eggs!!

      Looking fwd to the post!

    • We are going to use the KJ pic for the PNG flier getting put together at present. We are putting together a flier showing all the theme cruises next year which include your PNG photo tutorial cruise, Phil Cebrano playing Guitar in the Kimberley, a star gazing guru, a Geologist to talk about the Kimberley and many more!!

  3. Well if you learned from Christian, then no wonder your horizons are crooked šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  4. Very nice idea. I like very much landscapes shots with photographer inside, very interesting, particularly Bunkers bay : beautiful !

    • Thanks Laurent!

      Did you notice that Christian was wearing one of his famous TNFP T shirts in the Bunkers Bay shot!!

      It does add a nice new perspective by capturing the boys at work I feel and thanks for noticing!




  5. Thanks Mark for discrediting the myth that I dont work. It is clearly evident from this photo that I’m a very hard worker

  6. It’s so good to see God at work!

    Did you touch the man??? Is that really him with the hat on???

    One day I shall be so lucky to me the great CF!

    • I did see the man!! I saw the man at work…you too can be so lucky one day Tom!!! šŸ™‚

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