Yoga Anyone!!

On that drift dive that I spoke of in the last post we had a passenger with us who was a Yoga Master.

Ever seen a full lotus underwater!!

Yoga Anyone!!

~ by True North Mark on August 17, 2009.

10 Responses to “Yoga Anyone!!”

  1. great shot, got to love that little G10 and underwater housing.

    • Yep the G10 is a beauty for sure. I have tried a heap of these type of cameras over the years and this one by far is now a worthy part of the kit.

  2. awesome shot mark

    love the g-10 i am thinking of getting one with the houing what do ya think


    • Yes Phil,

      As per the last post to Christian, I have had Sea and Sea cameras and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff and nothing touches the G10. About a grand as you would know for the camera and housing so a bargain really. I know someone in the game that might get you a good deal :)!!!

  3. A very different mood to those of you jumping out of an aircraft! Your PNG shots are really cool!

    • Yes it is indeed Dave!

      Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comments on the PNG shots. It is a very cool place and a plethora of photo opportunities!



  4. yeah for real

    hook us up i could always do with a good deal


    • I was thinking that you could probably get a good deal seeing as you work at Camera House Phil!!!

  5. yeah i no i was just playing hehehe

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