Native Ninja’s!!!

Here are a couple of shots I got of some kids fooling around in the water in the Louisiades.

They had never seen a camera before so image the look on their faces when I showed them the photo in the camera screen!!

Once seeing the images they hammed it up big time which was great to watch!

Native Ninja's


~ by True North Mark on August 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Native Ninja’s!!!”

  1. really like the top one mate, nice treatment, what did you do with it?

    • I put the B&W Lightroom treatment over it and then got the levels right and then darkened the water some. Lightroom has a number of different Lightroom options not unlike that program you showed me.

      Glad you liked it mate!



  2. Great fun, I like these kind of travel shots

  3. Looks like the kids are having a blast mate…. nicely captured Mark

    • Thanks Rod,

      Yes, these kids are typical of what you see up there. A very carefree lifestyle and happy smiling people everywhere. I thought that this shot captured that essence quite well.

      Any luck with the bride yet mate! PNG will be a lot of fun!!



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