Louisiades Blue update

To Christian and Bo Flemming…I have now made the Lousiades Blue images lighter as suggested and they look much better.




~ by True North Mark on August 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “Louisiades Blue update”

  1. Indeed, that bif of level work did wonders, better whites, dynamic range and it looks much better!

    • Thanks Bo!!

      One of them was pretty obvious….don’t know how I missed it…just rushing I guess!



    • Bit of an insomniac Bo RU…like me!

      I often wake up at about 0300 and get on the computer coz I can’t sleep!



      • I can sometimes be quite the insomniac, but as I am presently in Copenhagen at CET+1 it is only a reasonable 7.11pm at night 😀

        I will possibly be in Broome again next year late April, hope to catch up!

      • That explains it then!

        I thought you were based over East in Melbourne or Sydney.

        I live in Perth, so when you are planning to get here, give me a bit of notice and we could go to Rottnest Island or something for the day on my boat.



      • See ya in Perth then, I am embarking on a couple of years of nomadic life and travelling very soon and at some point either this Summer (down under) or the next one I will hit Perth as there are quite a few people I would like to meet up with there.

      • Cool Bo,

        Give me a few weeks notice of your visit as I too get out and about a bit.

        Send me an email at mark@northstarcruises.com.au



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