Ultimate Surfers

A few weeks ago I was surfing Gallows and my mate Russell was beach bound due to a sore back and he managed to capture this scene which was petty cool.

These dolphins came and showed who is really the boss of the surf for about 20 minutes. One landed about 2m away from me at the end of one jump.

They are beautiful to watch.
Ultimate Surfer

~ by True North Mark on August 14, 2009.

8 Responses to “Ultimate Surfers”

  1. Hey Mark what a spectacular moment,
    Had a similar experience with the Mrs at the blue holes on the south coast near walpole. These creature certainly know how to surf!
    Wait until a seal pops up next to you !
    I shat myself !

    • Yes Adrian for sure.

      I have had that at the back of Rotto when 2 of them landed a couple of metres away from me after a jump!

      Very cool!



  2. wow thats a great pic
    there such majestic creatures definatly the planets natural aurfers


  3. Wow, that’s an image. Right place right time. Something I’d like see one day.

    • If you are ever at Rottnest Island there is a pod of dolphins that cruise from Stricklands to West End all the time. It is rare not to see them out there.

      Thanks for visiting guys!



  4. Great shot!!!!

    Had a couple follow me from time to time when out in the sea kayak, even had one roll on its side near the kayak to have a look at me. It took off after that proving that i am one ugly sod!

    • I had the same thing Graham!

      I was paddling around Rottnest a couple of years ago and just off Stricklands when a pod of 50 dolphins just appeared out of nowhere….scared the livin’ bejesus out of me I can tell you!!

      It was at a point where I was the furtherest from land as I took a straight beline from Parkers Point to West End and just before that I recall hearing Jaws music in my mind…and then the dolphins!! Lucky I have a strong heart that is all I can say :)!!

      I never get sick of watching them though…they are just amazing creatures.

      Thanks for visiting.



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