Palm Island Paradise, PNG

These are for Rod!

Shot with my 20d and non ‘L’ series lenses, so be kind!

Still reasonable shots, but I know we can get better with the gear and techniques used today. I shot these in 2006.

The live bombs we found when we opened the bomb doors of an upturned Japanese Bomber in about 30m of water. Quite a shock but pretty cool in another way!

I had a mongrel underwater Sea and Sea camera back then, so looking fwd to using the Canon G10 on trip 2 this year. The area is just scattered with Bombers, fighters, tanks, subs and cargo ships that were targets of the Jap bombers. Very interesting diving for sure. And up top the landscapes are probably as varied as you will see anywhere.

One of the heli flights starts where a river meets the ocean and then we fly all the way up to where it starts which is at about 4,000 ft!!

We do heli flights to the Kokoda memorial and to the war museum.

I have also added an image of an active volcano in Rabaul as well as some shots from the True North crew of Luscernque, PNG shopping and some river grass.

A reasonable cross section of what is on offer…but much more where they came from!!

Kevieng PNG

Outrigger Paradise

Tufi Thunder

Tufi Village

Tufi Warrier

Live Bombs

Rabaul PNG

Luscernque Islands

River Grass

Shopping PNG Stye

~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Palm Island Paradise, PNG”

  1. Looks amazing mate…..
    I am gonna go home and have serious words with my wife, things could get ugly ! !

    • LOL!! Keep the pressure on Rod and we should be off on a photo shoot together!!

      There are probably more typical palm paradise beach shots in PNG than the Lousiades actually. Especially at the Luscernque Islands where we spend a full day and there are heii excursions flown from there all day.

      Give the girls in the office a call (08 9192 1829, Sam or Brooke) and they can walk you through the details. Remember that the prices quoted include the charter flight to and from PNG, so you only need to get to Cairns and back to Sydney



    • Hi Rod,

      The girls have just advised me they have sent you through the PNG details and that they have offered you a pretty slick deal…more ammo for the discussions with the Missus!!

      Let me know when you have locked it in!



  2. Nice shots! PNG looks like awesome scenery, is it relativly safe there? I know thats a hard question to answer haha, Nice shots of your boat too.

    • Hi William,

      The answer to the safeness or not takes a little describing so here goes!!

      I have travelled the world for over 20 years selling boats and there are few places on the plant I have not been!

      I would class PNG as one of the most beautiful…certainly the cleanest and probably the friendliest places I have ever been to.

      The people there are just amazing when you get them in the outlying areas where we cruise to.

      For sure there are risky areas in PNG, Morseby being probably the worst., but we get around this by chartering a Convair aircraft and we fly either straight to Alotau or Kevieng and clear customs there. A 20 minute bus ride to the boat and away you go. The charter flight is all part of the prices we charge.

      Back to the people that we visit all the time. The elders there love us to pieces as we have given the young ones a reason to learn the culture and dances so that they can put on shows for us.

      We have done other things like fly a little girl out to Alotau who had an infection is her belly button. The operation saved her life for sure. We also have another little girl in Melbourne as we speak getting skin grafts on some burns up her legs and back.

      The villagers love us for what we do for them and they plan their dances and sing sings for the whole year in preparation for our visit.

      When we get to the villages you see exactly how a subsistence culture lives. They don’t have much but are very proud of what they have. Can you imagine travelling 1100 nm in Australia and barely seeing one bit of rubbish? Well that is PNG for you! Because there are no shops or coke cans or plastic bags etc…guess what…there is no rubbish!!

      Hence my statement…the prettiest, friendliest and cleanest country I have ever visited!!

      I hope that clears things up on the security of PNG issue for you.

      Thanks for visiting William.



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