More Kimberley Images

Once again these are older shots taken with a 20D and non L series lenses, but this is one spot I am looking fwd to getting to with Christian and the other photographers on trip 13. I have only been here once and it left a lasting impression about the power of nature and how old the planet is with me.

I could have spent much longer than the couple of hours we had there. Hope you like them.

Sandstaone formations

Nature Rules


~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “More Kimberley Images”

  1. Hey Mark, Nice photo’s, how big are these formations? They would make for a pretty awsome night shot Brent pearson style. Look forward to seeing what you come up with next time you visit them.


    • Hi Dan,

      They are about 20m high I guess and for sure they would make for some great night shots. Not sure if we will be able to work that into the cruise schedule…but you never know your luck I guess!



  2. awesome mark

    nature is a powerful mistress and she dose what she wants when she wants and carves awesome shapes and patterns in the earth its us who photographs them to there full potential

    sorry i thing that was a bit deep hehe

    oh well

    awesome pics mark as always cant wait to see the new ones when you go up with christian

    cheers philbo

    • Thanks Phil,

      I am sure that CF and I will get some crackers up there in a couple of weeks.



  3. Reminds me a lot of some of the rock formations left at low tide around the Broome jetty. Brings back great memories mate!

    • Thanks Graham,

      I am very much looking fwd to getting back there to see what we can do with the area with Christian.

      Watch this space during the 2 weeks after the 29th for daily updates of what we get!



  4. yikes the old 20D files hey. It is amazing how much better the mark III is on that old girl. Still it did the job for me for years. Looking forward to getting amongst spots like these Mark.

    • I pulled them out just to show some of the things on offer in the Kimberley. Even if they are somewhat lacking for sure there is scope for some good stuff if we can get there!!

      Same with some of the PNG images as well. Rod Thomas is trying to get the big OK from the bride, so I pulled out the best of what I had from PNG. Can’t wait to get back later this year and nail it properly with the 1D!



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