Missimar Tranquility

This is the shot that appeared out of the jungle on my return from the hill when I took the stitch.

An absolutely beautiful setting!

Missimar Tranquility


~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Missimar Tranquility”

  1. True North looks just amazing!! You really get to visit some of the most awesome spots! Very hard to keep coming back to see these types of pics when you are in desperate need for a holiday! Great pics Mark.

    • Thanks Graham,

      Yes, I am pretty fortunate to be able to get to these parts and now even better prepared to capture these areas properly thanks to Christians tutoring!

      We have some great end of year specials if you care to call the office!! I am sure that we can cure your need for a holiday requirement in a jiffy!

      The office is 08 9192 1829.

      Maybe you could share a room with Rod Taylor on PNG trip 2?

      Talk to Sam in the office and see what sort of a deal you can work out.



    • By the way, I will also be on trip 2 PNG as well as trip 3 at the Rowleys!



  2. Hi Mark… sounds great… but I think it would be impossible, given we had baby #2 8 weeks ago, mind you we were travelling around Dubia and London with our first one when she was 2 months old!

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