Missimar Island, Louisiades

This would be one of the few areas in the world that you could back in a 50m vessel!

The climb to the top of the hill through the jungle was an adventure in itself to get this shot. The little guy who carried my gear for me was great and I rewarded him with a lime soda and ice. He had never seen ice before!! How cool is that!

Once again a beautiful village and beautiful people.

This was a 7 photo stitch, stitched with PT Gui.

20m deep at the stern and 70m deep at the bow!! We tie up to a palm tree!



~ by True North Mark on August 13, 2009.

16 Responses to “Missimar Island, Louisiades”

  1. Just another day at the office ! Looks like a dream mate! Awesome setting and pano

    (I might have words about that horizon though hehe. Also I might clone out that twirly twig on the right)

    • Hi Bo,

      I told you before, if any my horizons look crooked, it will be an optical illusion!! 🙂

      I purposely left the twig in the shot as I reckon it looks kinda cool! I have done a few prints of this image now…one for the True North and a few few crew etc and it comes up really nice on canvas.

      Thanks for the comments.



  2. Awesome shot Mark and dont worry about Albert ( Flemming ) I am not sure why he goes on about bent horizons when the man himself is a little TWISTED ! !

    On which trip is the Louisiades….. and yeah, do you need someone to work for free….. I could manage that if I got to see all these places…

    • Yes Rod, I think Albert-Bo-Flemming is a twisted individual as he seems to like deserts more than beaches and water??? 🙂

      My gills would dry out if I went out to the desert too much…couldn’t have that!! 🙂

      Another dollar for the request to carry my bags!!! I will get rich soon for sure! The Louisiades is the Archipelago Adventure trip on our schedule and PNG is described as Adventures in Paradise.



  3. Mark,
    Its not a request to carry your bags, more a request for a job on your boat.. hehe
    Ill do anything, even teach photography to some of the guests… a fullltime photo guiy for your clients, Im the man ?

    You might need someone to carry the bags which hold all your dollars in em soon as well huh

    • I think I might be OK at the photo gig…what do you think!

      If i ever get to the point of needing someone to carry the bags with all the dollars I will give you a call….don’t hang by your neck waiting though!! 🙂



  4. I guess your ok mate, imagine how good you could be with the 5DMKII huh… LOL
    Honestly, I am loving your images form this area, very nice ! ! !

    Cant wait to see what yourself and The Fletcher clan come up from your trip, should be amazing….

    • Thanks Rod,

      Yes I too am looking fwd to all the trips this year, but especially with Christian. Everytime I go to the Kimberley I work out a different approach to capturing the same area and I have a bunch of new ideas for this trip. There are some new islands that I saw on the way back from my last trip with Mike that i want to explore that are near Montgomery. They look really cool and well worth a look. I have some ideas about King George as well that will give a new and interesting look to it.

      Have a think about PNG mate!

  5. Trust me Mark, I am….

    I just need to convince the wife that its all in the name of business and helping me grow as a photographer and things should be all good….

  6. I am quite proud to not only be twisted but to be a certified nutter! Also a Fremen, creature of the desert.

    Mark, if you bring Rod on board tell him to leave that 5 kilo tripod behind as it may sink the ship! He does cook one amazing egg ‘n bacon brekky so there’s another skill for ya.

  7. Hey Mark, teasing over, I have just admitted my self into rehab !

  8. Looks like absolute stunning location.
    You have an extensive range of marketing collateral for the True North, very inspiring.

    • Thanks Thomas,

      Yes, I am slowly building up some good marketing shots for North Star.

      As you say, the locations are stunning. The trick is to get the skills to capture them properly.

      Thanks to Christian, those skills are certainly developing!

      Thanks for visiting.



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