Now that’s a Hat!!!

The photo below typifies the extent the PNG people go to for us with their Sing Sings and cultural demonstrations.

The colour and the detail are fantastic and the variety of the shows they put on for us never ceases to amaze me.

Now that's a Hat!!!


~ by True North Mark on August 12, 2009.

4 Responses to “Now that’s a Hat!!!”

  1. Mark your making me sick man with all these images of PNG!
    The trip to PNG, where does that leave from and how many days is the trip, it just looks awesome, particularly the image you have taken of the island with the log in the foreground. stuff going down south to see fletcher, I know where I would rather be!
    Are you able to get to any island for photography or fishing.

    • Hi Adrian,

      The PNG trips either leave from Alotau or Kevieng depending on which leg you choose. We have 6 tenders on board, 20 crew and a heli, so what ever you want to do during the day is your call really. If your gig is to be left on a beautiful island with a picnic lunch all day taking photos, then no worries!! If you want to get up above it all and get the shots from the air…also no worries. The heli flights can be tailor made to suit what you want.

      The PNG itinerary is below.

      I posted the link to the Louisiades a few posts ago for Merv.

      Note also that the prices quoted include the charter flights from Cairns both ways, so you land, go through customs and 1/2 hour bus ride later you are on the boat sipping cocktails!!



      PNG Itinerary

  2. Yeah I checked the link ,looks pretty good…thanks mate

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