Down below like this Mike:)!!!

Hi Mike,

Yes indeed you were below me and here is the image that proved that you were and with the 5D!!





~ by True North Mark on August 12, 2009.

11 Responses to “Down below like this Mike:)!!!”

  1. Mike Fletcher?

    • What would you like to know about Mike Fletcher Matthew…I know him well!!



    • Sorry, you are probably confused as to what the post was about! Mike sent me a comment about a shot I took of Karijini when we were there together saying that he was below me. I just happened to have the exact photo that he was referring to. Not meant to be anything special apart from the fact that it is kinda cool that Mike posted a comment saying remember when….and I had the shot!!

      Hope that helps clear it up.



  2. I figured as much!

    I saw him around at PMA, if it wasn’t for the hair he’d be the spitting image of his brother. You’ve got some nice images here on your blog, I can see why you’ve got the bug, going to all these places, why take tourist shots when you can make some good ones.

    • You have got that in one Matthew! I was getting some reasonable images but was hungry for more knowledge on how to do it properly. It wasn’t until I went to one of Christian’s courses last year that the learning curve started to pay dividends. He is at the head of his game, a great tutor and constantly striving to know more.

      We have many things in common so that has assisted the learning curve for sure, but I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is looking to improve themselves to either attend his courses, or to download his tutorials, or both!!!

      Thanks for the kind comments about my work!!



  3. Done the course, got the tuts, off to Karijini next year! Can’t wait.

    You’re welcome:)

    • Hi Matthew,

      Then that is when we will meet as I will be there as well!

      Very cool! I think there will be a lot of fun to be had with a bunch of like minded people.



  4. I look forward too it, it’ll be good to be around a group of the ‘light’ minded!

  5. LOL!!!

  6. Just like I said. I’ll have to pull out the vid. It’s tucked away somewhere slowing my computer down. Christian and I wore you out that weekend then you decided to go for a 1k swim in Joffres and kick our asses. Your fifty right. Dont you think you should be slowing down? Maybe you need younger friends. Ha Ha!!!

    • Haven’t met anyone who can catch me yet…apart from Christian and my mate Mark on the pushy! I am a water baby and much more comfortable in the water as you found out in KJ eh!!

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