Louisiades Blue

Here are a few more typical shots as seen from the Heli at the Louisiades.

Truly an untouched paradise!

Reworked images for Christian and Bo!! These are lighter and hopefully better!!

LB 1

LB 2

LB 3

~ by True North Mark on August 11, 2009.

22 Responses to “Louisiades Blue”

  1. beautifull spot awesome pics mark wish i could be there right now instead of going to work haha


  2. beautiful images, rather depressing in one sense as I look out to a dreary Melbourne day but inspiring in another….to save up for an adventure such as this.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys!

    I think PNG and the Louisiades are up there as being the most beautiful places I have seen to date!



  4. I wouldn’t mind playing castaway there for a few weeks.
    Very enticing.

  5. Must admit it’s a place I haven’t heard of I don’t think.

    Looks like a nice untouched location……for now.

    Where is it exactly ?

    • Hi Merv,

      I have now updated this link to take you straight to the PDF on the True North website that shows you exactly where Alotau and the Louisiades are.

      It is East of Alotau in PNG. I am pretty sure there is a map on the North Star website:

      True North

  6. Rodger that.

  7. Paradise! wake up shoot sunrise walk across the island shoot sunest haha.

    • Yes William and maybe the only thing that I might add to that dream is to have a nice island girl to pamper me!! 🙂

  8. Magic spot there Mark – the second shot is my fav. of the bunch due to the perspective throguh the scenery and the mix of ocean,reef and rainforest. mmmm…..

    • Thanks Tony,

      Yes above and below the water, the place is simply pristine!

      I am doing the Rowley’s and PNG after the Kimberley, so some more new stuff to come later in the year as well. PNG is just amazing. We get the local tribes to do sing sings for us most days and they go to an awesome amount of trouble.

      The elders love it because it gives the young ones a reason to carry on with the culture and learn the old ways.

      We dive with Schooling Hammerheads at the Rowley’s so I am really looking fwd to getting some great shots of that this year. My partner Craig tells me that last year they found a school of about 400 + hammerheads!!

      Watch this space!!!

  9. Mark,

    did you mention the other night on the phone that you needed someone to carry your stuff ? Sounds amazing mate, have a great trip and Ill keep an eye out for this space ! ! !

    • Hi Rod,

      I get asked that a lot…can’t understand why :)!!

      Thanks for the referral for your friends on trip 14. I called Sam in the office and briefed her, so she is ready to receive their call.



  10. I hope it / they work out for you mate…. I spoke to their son this morning and they said they were deciding what to do about it today, so maybe this afternoon or tomorrow your girls in the office will get their call

    • Thanks Rod,

      If you are speaking to them today, Sam is the girl in the office I briefed.



  11. Too much tropical paradise for me, water, reef, beaches all that, I like sand, dirt, deserts 😀

    Nah, this looks amazing!!!! 2nd image especially. They do look slightly dark though, perhaps a tad of level work on them to bring out the white colour?

    • Nice to hear from you again Bo!

      Yes I think you are probably right. A second look suggests the same. Thanks for the tip!



  12. Jeepers Mark, I get home from Melbourne and you have 18 new posts on your blog, that is you though, never do anything by halves. Haven’t seen these pics, I like them but agree with Flemming need lightening a little. Look dark on my screen too. Was your screen brightness up or where you doing them in a dark room?

    • Hi Christian,

      Yep I agree that they need lightening up. Not sure why they ended up dark…maybe did them in a hurry!!

      And yep, enjoying the blog gig and getting stuff out there. The comments and the photo community have been great..very welcoming!

      Less than 2 weeks now till True North mate..getting excited!!



  13. yeah, can’t wait. Still I know it is going to mean even more images to process. I think I could stop shooting for 2 years and still produce a new pic every day in that time. Thinking about how Mike and I will be able to get all the gear up there, will hopefully be taking the Canon printer up as well as paper etc. I’m sure we will work it out.
    Great to see you enjoying the blogging it is a lot of fun.

    • I am hearin’ you about the amount of images mate!

      They take a while eh! But I am in need of some new ones so I am certainly both up to it and rarin’ to go!

      When I get a bunch of new images I feel compelled to get into em until they are done, so don’t know what I would do if I had 8,000 or so images ready to work as you do…probably never sleep for 6 months!! 🙂

      Anyway, looking fwd to spending some quality time with you guys and getting some kick butt pics!



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