A few more images of the Kimberley and the West Coast

Found a few more worthy pics whilst cleaning up my lappy!

The baby turtle shot will for sure be a favorite of the ladies. It is one of my wife’s favorites for sure!

I found him swimming just off the back of True North whilst at the Montebellos…one of the few that made it off the beach!!

Baby Turtle

The next image is of some driftwood I found whilst walking around Turtle Bay on the West Coast trip. The abstract shape of it caught my eye!


After trip 4 with Mike Fletcher, I managed to hitch a ride with a customer who was flying by Cessna 210 back to Broome and I took this shot through the perspex. Not ideal, but it came out OK. It is off the Horizontal Waterfalls, created by the large tides between the 2 headlands.

Horizontal Water Falls

Last but not least is a Water Monitor shot I took at Eagle Falls. He is a local and he comes over to say hey every time we land there!!

Water Monitor


~ by True North Mark on August 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “A few more images of the Kimberley and the West Coast”

  1. That is amazing country, must get there one day and see that horizontal waterfall.

    I also like the sot of the abstract driftwood.

    Great colour on the monitor, is that the one under threat from cane toads?

    Also keep us posted on progress on the Coaxial chopper, I saw it on new inventors, and after reading your website it got me all interested again, it looks awesome. I’ve seen movies of the Kamov Ka-50/52, pretty cool machines.


    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the comments.

      Not sure if the monitor is in potential trouble from the cane toads, but probably I would suspect.

      The Coax chopper is likely to be sold off to one of 2 companies looking at taking the project to the next stage. It is certainly a great concept and the pilots who have flown the prototype love it.

      I will keep you up to date as things progress by this blog.



  2. Hey Mark,
    Have enjoyed your posts, well all in fact !
    The monitor image is awesome , sharp eye, great colour.
    Wild life photog may be your calling mate !

    • Thanks Adrian,

      I do like the wildlife part of photography…in fact I like it all! I just shoot what ever takes my eye I guess!

      We see a heap of good wildlife stuff on True North and Christian is about to find out why I mainly use a 28-300mm Zoom on the boat!!

      That way you are ready for just about anything!

      Thanks for the comments Adrian.



  3. cool shots of the baby turtle and the monitor Mark. The horizontal shot came out good from the plane – love the straight lines of the ridges in that area !

    • Thanks Tony,

      We should get much better shots than that on the Christian trip in a couple of weeks as we will have the door off in the heli.

      We will be posting from the boat I hope…provided technology doesn’t let us down!

  4. Take the door of the chopper!!!!!! Shit dont do that Christian will shit his pants. Ha Ha!!!!

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