True North Heli at Eagle Falls

On the True North Kimberley trips we set up a couple of special days whereby we send in the chefs to set up a 5 star banquet and then we ferry all of the passengers for a picnic to remember.

The landing area is spectacular and the swimming hole at the back of the billabong is equally beautiful.

The only negative is that picnics will never be the same again!!

True North Heli

Time to Leave

~ by True North Mark on August 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “True North Heli at Eagle Falls”

  1. Incredible stuff Mark. Someday…someday I want my own helicopter!!! Most fun form of transport there is!

    • That’s a big 10-4 on that one Bo! They are also by far the best jump ship around…way toomuchfun!

  2. Mark,

    Great shots again mate….. Id this one on the Wyndham to Hunter River or Hunter River to Broome trips….

    Tour rite, who would ever drive a car if they could fly ! !!

    • It is on the northern leg Rod,

      We have another special place we visit on the southern leg as well that is equally special, but quite different.



  3. I recon if you kept walking to the left you would get an even better angle. Just a hunch.:)

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