Never say Die!!!

Who would have thought that making plans to go out and take a few shots with Phil Back would turn into another adventure! We thought the 1DS boys should get out and show some strength in amongst all these 5D characters!!

The adventure started when we set out to Wungong Dam to take some moonrise shots.

When I get there the ranger agreed to leave the gate unlatched which I thought was very kind of him. Whilst waiting for Phil I went to check the lay of the land. On my return..guess what…some tosser had locked the boom gate!

When Phil arrived we set off to get the shots knowing full well we had to deal with getting my Prado out of the locked area after the photo shoot by going around the locked boom gate over a large ditch.

Mark & Phil

Some nice images were captured!

Wungong Dam

Moonrise over Wungong Dam

But then we had to deal with a large ditch blocking the escape out! There was some dragging of logs and digging of mud and even some attempting to jack, but ultimately the mission failed!

That hole Wasn't that big
Maybe Not!!

Even after filling the ditch with logs it was still a little deep and we had to call a tow truck. He was very helpful and we were out in a jiffy!

Never mind…all in a days photo adventure!!

Stay tuned for the next episode!




~ by True North Mark on August 6, 2009.

23 Responses to “Never say Die!!!”

  1. sweet post mate
    that was an awesome night still got to put my stuff together been slack love the shot of us and also the larger pano sweet shots i hope mine turn out as good, did you get in touch with christian he would of laughed his ass off i no i did hehe


    ps love the title

    • Yeah, good fun night mate! Christian had a good laugh as well. We will do it again sometime..but probably next month as i am a bit busy from here on.



  2. That last photo had me in tears!!! Way too funny.

    Jamie Paterson

    • It was one of those nights Jamie, but never let a curve ball get in the way of fun I say!



  3. Never would of happened to a 5D MK2 owner. Tee Hee!!!!!!!

  4. Leave him on some small deserted island off the Kimberley Mark.

    • Good idea Jamie!

      I reckon I know just the one…lots of Crocks…no shade….limited water etc etc!



  5. very cool adventure Markie, luckily you had Phil for company, would have been cold dark and lonely out there stuck in a ditch. In your typical never say die attitude you tried everything possible before having to call in the heavy artillery. A very funny story, great post mate. Oh BTW Michaels right, a 5d user would have been way too scared to attempt such a stunt!

    • Thanks Christian,

      Yes it was good to have Phil there to share the adventure…and to carry some logs!!

      Hopefully next time out we can focus on getting some good images rather than how the hell we get outta there!



  6. Great little adventure! Great photo’s too.

    • Thanks Graham,

      Glad you liked the story and the shots!

      It gets boring when you do things to normally!



  7. Had a very similar thing happen to me in NZ quite a few years ago.

    4 of us were driving up around the hills out from Christchurch late one afternoon in places we weren’t really suppose to be. When we came back down the track late in the afternoon someone ( Ranger ) had locked the gate . There was a shear drop down one side and a rather large rise up the other. We made a bit of a clearing around the top side of the gate and got the car , a Toyota Corolla part way up the top side then we physically lifted and pushed the car a little bit at a time, lucky it was small, around the post, mind you this took about 4 hours in the dark.
    The funniest bit was the car started to slip down the hill and there was a bar sticking out from the top of the gate and one of the guys had to climb inside and wind the window down then the car slipped down and the bar went thru the open window.

    Worst thing was, when we got back to town all the pubs were shut.

    We would have loved to seen the look on the rangers face when he came back to open the gate the next time.

    Oh and yes it was a hire car….what else!

    It was really quite a thing at the time, but I guess you had to be there.

  8. Nice one Merv,

    It does sound very similar!

    Glad to see that I am not the only one livin outside of the square!



  9. haha nice work! nice shots too, last time I took shots of a Dam i was interegated by the Rangers.

  10. hey mate

    this blogg has been getting some good responses here its a pitty my corolla didnt have a rope in it or i could have pulled you out of there hahaha yeah right my car bearly managed to climb back up the hill

    cant wait till next time


    • No I don’t think your old trusty Corolla would pull the skin of a custard pie mate!!



  11. I guess its the times we live in. We expect to be protected yet resent any questioning.

    I remember when Neal, Kirk and I were photographing a beautitful field when some tosser of a prison guard started ranting and raving at us saying that we were allowed to shot a prison field (we were about 4ks away from the actual prision for heaven’sake). We chuckled to ourselves afterwards thinking how funny it was that we might be supplying prisoners pictures of fields. As if they needed our photos to escape from a field.

    Jamie Paterson


  12. yeah thats true hahaha would of been funny to try it though
    probably would of pulled the front bumper off haha


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