Eagle Falls Heli Picnic Site

Those of you who have seen Mike Fletcher’s video footage of the Kimberley will have seen where we set up our 5 star Heli picnic.

The place is as beautiful as it is dramatic.

I took a shot of one of the surrounding cliffs that very well shows the character and how the Kimberley was created and rugged sand stone lines being pushed up from below. Add a lake in front of these lines and it makes for some pretty unique reflections.

Hope you like it.
Eagle Falls


~ by True North Mark on August 5, 2009.

9 Responses to “Eagle Falls Heli Picnic Site”

  1. This photo is really ‘busy’ but I think that is why it works so well. At first I didn’t know where my eyes were supposed to be drawn to but then I started to see so many things going on that it was like eye candy.

    I started to look at the rock face, but then I was drawn to the reflections but my favourite part of the photo is the way the rocks in the pool appear to be part of the reflections.

    Great work Mark. I can’t wait to see more.

  2. Thanks Jamie,

    I thought exactly the same as you when I first looked at the shot, but it grew on me for the same reasons. There is heaps going on in there and I even looked at cropping it, but the crop did not look as good, so I stayed with the busy concept.

    It reminds me of a landscape version of ‘where’s Freddie’!!

    Thanks for the comments!



  3. Just snuck back for another look. 🙂 I really do like it.

  4. Phew….sort of makes me giddy looking around it …it’s a bit different.

    Has it had a bit of HDR treatment?

  5. Hey Merv,

    I reckon that is the best thing about this photo. It has an impact on you.

    Jamie Paterson

    • Thanks for all the comments guys!

      Phil Bach and I have just been on a little adventure. Keep an eye out for the full story!

  6. it’s going to look even better soon with a Fletcher in it!! hehe

  7. Yeah mate…no doubt having the big CF will have an impact for sure!

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