Sydney Night Shots

I managed to get n a few photo opportunities whilst over at the Sydney Boat Show and these are the first 2 off the press!

The weather over there for the last week was simply stunning, but not any clouds to speak of.

I have a few more that i will post as I get to them in amongst catching up with other stuff!

Hope you like them. I reckon these could go side by side as one is of the eastern view looking towards the Opera House and the other is of the western view looking towards the wool stores and all the restuarants.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Wool Stores

~ by True North Mark on August 4, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sydney Night Shots”

  1. fantastic blues in these Mark – I like the first shot best.

  2. Hey Mark, very nice, I like the wool store image, inviting warm tones. Adrian

  3. Mate these new night pics are brilliant, you have done extremely well. They are clean, the white balance is perfect and the compositions are spot on. I think you have the night stuff down pat and the thing I like it is a different view of Sydney I haven’t seen yet.

  4. Thanks to all!

    I think my fav is the wool store one as well. I really like the guy just standing there and the bit of motion with some of the others moving around.

    I have some more angles to put up when i get a chance.

    Thanks for the positive input.



  5. Hi Mark, really like the first one, just something outside of the square about it, great reflections. Great work

  6. Thanks Andrew,

    Yes they did work out well eh!

    I have a few more to work up yet and I think there are some other good ones to come yet!

    Thanks for the great comments….and stay tuned for the next batch!



  7. That is some very beautiful and serene Sydney night shots!

    For me the white balance is a bit too neutral, too cold. I like to see a bit of warmth in those street lights. Also is the Opera House horizon slightly crooked? It appears the OH is taking off šŸ˜€

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