Sean’s Shout

Here is Sean and Jo and my wife Lee at the Wool Store restaurant.

Great location and excellent food. Sean was the presenter in Mike Fletcher’s recent Kimberley DVD if anyone saw that. Go to Vimeo and search Mike Fletcher and you will find it.

A great show of the North Kimberley. The news of the day is that Mike is going to join Christian and I on trip 13a and capture us doing it tough…and the southern part of the Kimberley. So keep an eye on Vimeo in the next couple of months for Mike’s next Kimberley adventure!!

Sean Shout


~ by True North Mark on August 4, 2009.

12 Responses to “Sean’s Shout”

  1. nice group shot mate, even if you didn’t take it,

    Yep it is going to be fun having Michael on board for the TN trip, he was pretty excited about getting another gong. I think he owes Jen !! It will be great to post some videos of us in action. Or should that be inaction relaxing at the end of the day in luxury! Can’t wait!!

  2. Ahh but I did take the shot with the timer!!

  3. then your skills are complete! Nice framing of the Opera house BTW. Cheers

  4. Don’t know about posting video footage off the boat because of the cost of data off the boat. We have a new system which is way better than our old system, but i think we will be limited to uploading a few shots each day.

    The punters might have to wait with ‘worms on their tongues’…’baited breath’ to see the vid on Mike’s return.



  5. sounds like a great way to build the excitement

    • Yep for sure Christian,

      My Web lady is going to upload what we do to our website as well, so that will really expand the exposure for the trip!!



  6. sweet, everyone wins!! oh and finally got the sim card changed over, and it even works. hooray!!!

  7. I’m going on True North again Nan Nee Nan Nee Nan Na. Tee Hee !!!!!!! YipEEEEEEE !!!

    To all you jealous guys and girls out there. It’s work not play and I will be doing my best to capture some stunning clips to make sure you all get a little bit more jealous. Thanks Jen I owe you for pulling out. Thanks Mark and Craig for letting me loose again on Das Boat. I’m going to feel a bit lonely though without my sidekick Herbs.

    Watch out True North crew I’m coming back with that pesky camera. LOL.

    Mike (the luckiest bastard around)

  8. Oh yeah nice shot Mark. I’m sure Sean kept you guys entertained all night. He is one of the funniest guys I know.

  9. Welcome aboard again Mike!

    You are an arsy bugger eh! It will be good to see the Southern half of the Kimberley done by both the Fletcher’s as well as the Northern half.

    Yes Sean is a funny bugger and it was a good night.

    See you in a few weeks Mike!



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