Sydney Boat Show

Here is a shot of the Sydney Boat show at night. I thought I better at least get one of the show to post seeing as i am here!
Sydney Boat Show


~ by True North Mark on August 1, 2009.

8 Responses to “Sydney Boat Show”

  1. hey mark
    nice pics mate love the ones from rotto ive never been there my self prob should get off my butt and get over there hehehe

    they sure fit alot of boats in that harbour, was there any cool stuff there?

    take care mate talk soon and yes
    1ds mark3’s do rock


    • Ahh yeah mate!

      Can’t believe that you have never been there…it is the best kept secret on the planet!

      Not like Greece where the beaches are gravel and there are no reefs offshore to snorkel and dive off. Rottnest has the best beaches anywhere, great surf, some of the best diving to be had, Crayfish just off shore, great fishing, lots of eye candy and the list goes on!

      The new pub has had a great make over and overlooks the beach at Thompson”s bay and is a great place to have a meal or just a drink.

      Shhh…don’t tell anyone!



  2. nah mate never been there i will get over there eventually and cheers i will keep it a secret hehe

    hope you and christian have a blast on your course cruise wish i was there with you guys, cant wait to see the pics

    cheers philbo

    • I hope that we will able to post daily images as we go from the boat as we go which will be cool!



  3. Hey Mark,
    Cheers for the comment on my macro. Love this genre of photography.
    Have you got any you want me to take for you on the TN! LOL
    Cheers Adrian

    • I am sure you will find something to capture at the Rowley’s mate!

      Have you decided that this is the play for the big Honeymoon!



  4. Hey Mark, rowley’s for me would be amazing, I would just fish the time away and then take photos!
    The Mrs is not convinced however so not sure yet but thanks for the heads up !

    • Hi Adrian,

      Maybe we should wait till I get the new images from this years Rowley’s. I am doing trip 3 in October.

      I just know she will have a ball as everyone who travels on True North leave saying it is the best holiday they have ever had, but convincing new punters is often a challenge!

      When I did the West Coast this year everyone on board was a past passenger. The least cruised before was 3 times before and the most was 10 times. 75% rebooked anther True North adventure on the boat!

      A large chunk of our business is repeat customers that hunger for another True North expereince.



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