Speaking of Sunsets……

The last post before I leave for the Sydney Boat Show. If anyone would like to meet me from Sydney, North Star Cruises has a stand at the Sydney Boat Show and my partner Craig and I will be on the stand from Thursday. Come in and say hey and learn some more about the mighty True North!

We will also be showing Mike Fletcher’s latest cut of the Kimberley DVD he took on trip 4a on the stand, which is a cracker. Mike has only just finished it and the final product is exceptional!

I thought I might post these shots of a fantastic sunset at the Basin at Rottnest that I took during a full moon in March I think this year. Certainly one of the best sunsets I have seen over there ever….and I have been going there very regularly for many years now!

Rottnest Sunset 1

Sunset Starting

~ by True North Mark on July 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Speaking of Sunsets……”

  1. Mark,
    Im loving your shots mate…… Bummer I wont be around to say g’day this weekend, I have other things as your aware. Dont know anyone with a spare couple of 1050 hp MAN diesels do ya ?

    • Hi Rod,

      Thanks mate and no I don’t know of any spare MAN’s.

      Why you ask??



  2. Thanks for the wrap Mark. We have done all we can and it’s now up to Sean to bring home the bacon. Almost up to 2000 hits. It’s pretty exciting. The TN vid should hit 30000 views this weekend. Hope it all helps.

    • No worries Mike,

      Just had dinner with Sean as you know!

      He will be seeing the man very soon so we will see what we shall see eh!



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