A couple more from the Louisiades

Here are 2 more of my favorites from the Louisiades.

The Sunrise was not far out from Alotau in PNG and was a hand held stitch from the True North Heli deck with about 7 photos from memory.

The other shot is of the Palm City village….my nickname so don’t kill me for the name :)!!

Louisiades Sunrise

Louisiades Village

~ by True North Mark on July 28, 2009.

12 Responses to “A couple more from the Louisiades”

  1. Nice sunrise !

    • Glad you liked it Laurent!

      You see these sorts of sunrises and sunsets most days up there in PNG and the Louisiades!



  2. that names sounds like a seedy caravan park in the north of QLD πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve seen alot of your images on ASP Mark and I think the image of the Louisiades sunrise is your best. I’d rate that image in the top 10 images I’ve seen of all time and I’m on pretty much everyone’s blog everyday. Absolutely brilliant!

  4. That is a sweet sunrise shot, no doubt about it.

    But wait till Flemming sees it !!!!

  5. Flemming’s a tiger on those horizons Mark , if it’s got a bit of a tilt he’s right onto it.

    To my eye’s looks like this one is not on the level , but Flemming will confirm that if he see’s it.


  6. Nice shots Mark ! I think that PNG would be an incredible place and I love the tropical ambi ence of the pan shot in this post.


    • Hi Tony,

      Yes indeed it is beautiful and the people are just as beautiful. They are a subsistence culture but proud of their lot and always so happy and friendly. They do daily sing sings for us and they train all year in readiness for the True North visits!



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