True North and the Louisiades

Here are a few of the shots I took whilst on the True North last year in the Louisiades. The Lousiades is East of PNG. This is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The people there lead a very peaceful subsistence lifestyle and are very proud of their lot. The village is kept very clean and the views are to die for!

The snorkeling and diving are also as good as you will see anywhere. We even saw a Killer Whale last year!

The huts over the water are community huts and the school.

True North travels there every year around November. See: for sailing schedules and prices.



Canoe Boy

Canoe Boy, Palm City

Palm City


~ by True North Mark on July 27, 2009.

16 Responses to “True North and the Louisiades”

  1. Hey Mark,
    The rain fall in thes images above has come out fantastic. Is this place worthy of a honeymoon?
    Of course it is when your on the True North!

    • For sure a Honey Moon on True North would be a memorable experience. I don’t think I would go to the Louisiades any other way….as nice as it is, it is still good to come back to the boat for the aircon and the great food etc,,,not to mention the Latex matresses!!



  2. Welcome aboard and welcome to “The Club” Mark. Great photos so far. 🙂 I was telling Christian on Friday how much I was enjoying your photos.

    • Thanks for the big welcome Jamie and to everyone out there in blog land!

      I am humbled by the very positive response to my work and I am especially pleased that you guns out there are liking my stuff! I am at 1000 hits in 2 days!

      I look fwd to meeting you one day soon.



  3. sweet mate, sitting here in the cold I reckon I could fly there right now. Oh for some warm weather. Good to see you have your large pics coming up now. Cheers

    • Yeah it was cold today eh! I snuck out to Rotto this afternoon and scored a 10 out of 10 surf at Stricko’s…but forgot to take the camera…doh!

      • Hi Mark,

        You should’ve let me know, I’m into my wave and surf photography. I would’ve come and grabbed a few shots of you surfing. 😉

        Email = jamie (at) jamiepaterson dot com dot au

      • Hi Jamie,

        Are you a west Aussy?

        I am thinking about going out for round 2 tomorrow!

        Bit of a guts I am!



  4. Great shots Mark.
    Love the evenness in the lighting over the whole shot.

    • Thanks for the comments Thomas!

      Yes both the Louisiades and the Kimberley are very special places.

      It is great to have the skills to be able to capture them….thanks to the great tutoring skills of Christian!



  5. Brilliant work, reminds me very much of Borneo. First one is so dramatic (maybe a touch too much of beating it with dodge and burn), second one is just about perfect!!! Third shot perhaps a bit busy for me.

    Looks like an amazing place. Let me know if you need someone on board to teach valuable photography lessons such as ‘straighten your horizons’ and ‘how to drop lens cap every 5 mins’ !

    • I also like the second image. I actually use it as my desktop!

      I was watching a documentary on the way to the Louisiades about some famous wildlife photographers that have spent their whole lives in Africa. They were saying that they love shooting in the rain as it adds drama. That is what gave me the idea to get the rain images…and they were right, it does add a nice effect.

      The 3rd shot actually works quite well on canvas. I have sold a couple of them now and they look great. The image is really sharp and I like the tropical feel to it together with the colours.

      I don’t need any assistance in learning how to drop things! I dropped a $200 ND on the west coast this year and smashed it!



      • Yeah any rain or storm is always great for shooting. What is amazing on your 2nd image is how well the rain shows up, just the perfect exposure time.

        I have many other skills apart from dropping things, just ask Rod Thomas!

      • Yes you can get lucky sometimes with the right exposure for the effect you want, but let me tell you, that was a tropical down pour from hell and therefore to capture the rain was probably a no brainer in the overall scheme of things.

        I look fwd to seeing all of those talents when we meet someday!



  6. These were some of the first images of yours we worked on mate. I can see how far you have come already from these days. You wait till your next PNG trip, you will kill it. In a good way of course!!!

    • Thanks CF!

      Yep I reckon the next trip out will show some improvement for sure…thanks to the great tutoring from the man himself!



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