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As promised, here are a few of the shots I took whilst with Christian’s brother Mike on our trip 4a. Christian and I should be able to post some shots along the way when we get back on True North on the 29th of August….so that will be cool!


~ by True North Mark on July 26, 2009.

21 Responses to “Kimberley Images”

  1. sweet selection of photos Mark, getting me pretty excited about our trip. Warm, pretty, 5 star, heli on deck, man it is going to be unbelievable.

  2. absolutly awesome bro there so good wow i feel like an novice with a point and shoot
    got to be happy with these mate id love to go to hong kong one day and see that show it would be so cool
    anyway mark take care and keep up the awesome photos


    • Thanks heaps Phil. Let’s face it mate, you were the one that suggested I go and get Christian’s tutorials and look where that has lead! I owe you for sure mate and we will get out on that shoot soon. I am away for a week but will contact you on my return.

      There is no doubt that Christian knows how to impart his knowledge. He knows his stuff and is a great tutor. His tutorials will become very popular I reckon.

      1DS MK111’s rock!




  3. Fantastic pics Mark. Very jealous! Have a good trip!

    • Thanks Graham!

      Glad you liked them. There are more to come in the next few days.



  4. Great work Mark. Will be dreaming of the Kimberley, even more than usual.

  5. Very nice selection of captures mark, I love the 3rd one down, thats very original …



    • Thanks Spool,

      Yes that is one of my fav’s as well. It is sharp as and it looks great on canvas. I have stretched a couple of those now.



  6. I also added your blog link to my blog roll over at



  7. I remember that shot you have on your header. How is the walk I asked you. It’s about a 6 or 7 was the reply. “No harder than anything we did at Karijini” Yeh right!!! Next time I’ll leave my 30 odd kilo’s of kit behind. Take it from me everybody. If the chopper is on offer use it. I’m so glad Mark let us go down the easy way though. God I wish I was back up there. It was a really special trip. Thanks Mark.

    • Hi Mike,

      The latest DVD you have put together of that trip is a credit to you mate and was worth all the lugging of the heavy kit etc that we had to endure.



  8. Spectacular images Mark, especially the first 3 including the unique perspective of the waterfall. You surely would have to kick yourself cruising that magical coast annually !

    • I reckon for sure the Kimberley is one of the best kept secrets in Australia. It is so remote, rugged, spectacular and unique in its beauty.

      Truly a photographer’s paradise!

      Thanks for visiting.

      Christian and I will be posting daily images off the boat from the 29th of August onwards so be sure to ‘stay tuned around that time for the latest and greatest!



      • Hi Mark,
        The Kimberley certainly is special that is for sure ! I had always wanted to travel there and in 1997 I did my first trip and it has ever since etched a special place in my heart – you know how special places do that !
        Though like everywhere time moves on and the numbers travelling there nowdays in the dry make it not such a secret IMO…regardless it is still stunning and unique and hopefully next year I will get back there again myself.
        Having long time ‘followed’ photography and geography of that rugged and still remote coastline by consuming whatever that I could get my hands on I know it would be an incredible experience and sight no doubting that.. enjoy ! I look fwd to following your’s and CF’s posts of the trip.

        thanks for the feedback and heads up on it. šŸ™‚

      • You are most welcome Tony,

        Maybe you can join us for a trip on True North yourself one day!

        You have not seen the Kimberley until you see it from a heli!



      • That would be awesome for sure…I’ve had the fortune of a chopper flight over the bungles in 97 and that was unforgetable !


      • Some of the stuff we do with the heli is really quite special. Things like flying our chefs up to some beautiful waterfalls to set up a 5 star picnic and then ferrying all of the passengers up there to spend the day there.

        Heli fishing up a river where no one else can get to and catching 17 bara in an hour!

        Flying low through gorges and rivers so that you feel like a Vietnam pilot in stealth mode and getting up and above Montgomery Reef to see the awesome colours the reef has to offer!!



  9. Sweet series of shots Mark, absolutely love them.
    I must get up that way some time soon.
    The star shape from the waterfall is extraordinary.

    • Yes the star shape shot is one of my favs as well. It becomes quite mesmerizing when you look at it for too long!

  10. Amazing images from the Kimberley, the True North tours do look mindblowingly good!!

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