Hong Kong

These are some shots I took on a recent trip to Hong Kong. I was the Owner’s rep for a large ferry contract for the new Casino up there and the Purple Ferries being unloaded off the ship were the last of a 14 vessel order.

It is the largest ferry order ever!! These boats travel at 42 knots with 411 passengers and get to Macau from Hong Kong in 1 hour.

HK Lazer Show

The night shot is of the lazer show that happens every night. Taken from Kowloon side looking to Hong Kong. Some unusually clear skies whilst I was there.

The Peak Hong Kong

The other shot was taken from the Peak and once again, very clear by normal standards.

~ by True North Mark on July 26, 2009.

7 Responses to “Hong Kong”

  1. Nice shots Mark…. I was there last year in HOng Kong and its something else with all those big kick arse buildings huh…… I have added a link to your blog on mine as well


    • Hi Rod,

      Thanks for the comments and the link. I will reciprocate for sure when I get some time later today.

      Hong Kong is a great place and I have spent a lot of time there over the last 20 years.

      Macau is even more spectacular now that the new Venetian is almost complete. When they finish stage 5&6 they will have 18,000 hotel rooms!! It is the second largest under cover building in the world, only to the Pentagon I think!



  2. Mark,

    WOuld there be any chance I could maybe ring you about trip I am doing in a helicopter to The Kimberleys next week….. if so, can you email your number to studio@rodthomas.com.au and Ill give you a buzz


  3. NEW BLOG sweet. these are great, and that header pic is awesome you gotta post that.

  4. Hey Mark,
    Welcome to the family !
    HongKong at night from Kowloon or from the ‘Peak’ is simply awesome.
    I also second what stacky said re your wordpress header.
    I will have you on my worpdress in no time as a link, as long as people look at my images and not salivate over your True North and True North ashore excursions 🙂


    • Thanks for the welcome Adrian and also the nice comments.

      I will get to posting the Kimberley pics within a couple of days.

      I will also post some of the West Coast and Lousiades I did last year.




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