Wild Day at Rottnest

Swirling Surf


Last year some good friends of mine, Brett and Kirsty were at Rotto during a big storm and their 
story prompted me to promise myself that this year, when the 
opportunity came around, that I should make the effort and see if I 
could capture this awesome event.

On Monday night this week, the forecast predicted an 8m swell and 40 knot winds and 
they were on the money. I woke up at 0700 and sure enough the swell 
was cranking and off I went on my Rotto adventure!

I met the ferry at 0930 and the crossing was on the rough side, I 
guess it would be fair to say! About half the passengers were using 
the beaut little bags that were handed out but fortunately I was not 
one of those lucky few!

On landing at the island I retrieved my bike off the crew and set off 
for the West end of Rotto.

I was rugged up in my skiing gear with a Driazabone and ski pants and 
my trusty orange Crocks and off I went, peddling into a 40 knot gail 
with rain storms and hail.
Mark's Big Day Out
It was slow going for a while as there were far more up hills than 
down and the driving rain made it hard to see for a while, but I 
finally got there before midday and set up for some shots.

Brett was right, it was wild and spectacular and I am glad I had 
followed through with the adventure. There is nothing like Mother 
nature to remind you who is boss every now and again!
Eagle Bay Rotto
The trip home was a walk in the park by comparison to the trip out. A 
30 knot SW breeze up my butt and more down hills than up which was 
lucky because I reckon my total weight would have been over 100kg 
with all the camera gear and wet weather gear.  I was fast running 
out of steam before I found a trusty Mrs Macs pie at the Jordie 
General Store and a Mars bar!

The trip home on the ferry was very sedate by comparison to the trip 
out. The swell had settled to only 5m and the wind had dropped to a 
nice 15-20 knot sw.

Hope you like the shots troops!

~ by True North Mark on July 25, 2009.

7 Responses to “Wild Day at Rottnest”

  1. that top one is a cracker mate, love the colour. The images aren’t opening very big, they should be bigger than what is coming up. Will try to work that out for you.

  2. that is fine it just isn’t opening that size. Will hit the books and see what is going on.

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging Mark.

    I think you have to click “lfile url” when you upload a new shot to get them to open in another window at full size. You will see it after the file has uploaded and “crunched” and it goes to the next window where you click insert into post.

    Hope that’s right …Good Luck.

    • Thanks Merv,

      I will try that and see how I go. Thanks for the tip and for coming onto my new site.



  4. P.S. Stay away from those Mrs Macs…they’re not good for you..(:

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